1st Birthday

Ember had a quiet birthday on Thursday with a celebration at school and a small cake with Gigi, mom, and dad. She’s her mom’s baby, alright. We love those salty snacks (see the Cheeto?). At school, she wasn’t a fan of the Krispy Kreme donuts we brought to share with friends. At home, she wasn’t… Read More 1st Birthday


Ember is ON the move! She’s pulling up on everything she can find and creeping from place to place. She crawls all the time and continues to be the happiest baby in town! We spent most of the weekend settling into the new house, which also included a trip to Target where she FINALLY enjoyed… Read More Easter

11 Months

Ember turned 11 months on the 12th. Unfortunately, we moved this past weekend so I had NO time to take photos. It’s been wild and crazy, but everyone is so excited about settling into the new place. Ember has been having lots of fun – she’s crawling all over the place and happily pulling up… Read More 11 Months


I can’t believe it’s already March!! We move into the new house on St Patrick’s day and are chomping at the bit to get in and get settled. Ember is having a blast now that she can crawl. She’s shuffling around all over the place and starting to pull up on everything she can find.… Read More March

10 and a half

Ember has had a busy few weeks. She’s gone from fumbling to crawling (even if she drags a leg behind her most of the time). She pulls up on her knees, stands all the time and is great at getting where she wants to go. Her favorite thing to do is walk with some help.… Read More 10 and a half

10 Months

Ember is ten months old today! She is ON THE MOVE! Although she isn’t fully crawling yet, she’s making big strides towards it every single day. She has upgraded to her new Big Girl car seat as well, which was an adventure all to itself this weekend. Luckily, we all survived, installed two new car… Read More 10 Months

9 month check up

We went to see Dr Katie yesterday for our 9 month appointment. Ember didn’t appreciate getting her head measurements taken, but she did well otherwise. She is 19lbs and 28.75 inches long. She’s holding strong in the 50th percentile, which is fine by us. Overall we had a great day and only good news from… Read More 9 month check up