Weekly Update

Generally this week has been calm. We went to get Ember’s ultrasound on her hips and everything was normal. She did well during the procedure, which was good for me and her. Earlier this week I theorized that one of the things I’d heard prior to this, that the 8 week mark was when mom’s… Read More Weekly Update

Father’s Day

Last year I was sad and worried about this tiny baby not having the kind of grandfather I wished she would. Although my dad hasn’t gotten any better, he’s always happy to see her when we visit, and he seems to remember her each time. He was excited when my mom passed along a framed… Read More Father’s Day

2 Month Appointment

Kevin and I took Ember to her 2 month appointment today. I knew she’d be getting some shots, so I specifically asked him to do the heavy lifting – I remembered her shots before being ever so slightly heart wrenching. He said no problem, he’d be happy to hold her.  She weighed in at 9lbs… Read More 2 Month Appointment

2 Months Old

Ember is 2 months old today!  She’s over 9lbs and I’ve officially put away her Newborn clothes. She’s alert and really enjoys her play mat and is working hard on her tummy time. She has some BIG fans here at the house. Anytime she cries, Penny comes meowing at me as if to say “somebody… Read More 2 Months Old