7 Months Old

Today Ember is 7 months old! She has one tooth and is totally spitty. Which may or may not relate to the super rough diaper rash she’s currently working on – which makes me crazy and she seems only slightly phased by.  She’s sitting up now with a little help and is generally happy. We’re… Read More 7 Months Old

6 Month Check-up

Ember went to see Dr Katie this week for her 6 month appointment – a little late, but with Dr Katie having been out of the office on maternity leave and us off to the beach, that’s how it worked out.  The big news is that Ember is 15lbs and 14oz and 26.25 inches long.… Read More 6 Month Check-up

1/2 a Whole Year

I can’t believe Ember is six months old today! She is getting to be so big and SO much fun! We had a blast tonight taking her 6 month photo – she’s far more wiggly than she used to be and has recently found her feet. And far more interested in her owl than before… Read More 1/2 a Whole Year

5 Months Old

It’s been a crazy week for Ember’s 5 month birthday. She was sick last week and then on Sunday got so congested that we got really worried about her breathing and took her to the ER. After about 5 hours, we left at 3am having gotten her a breathing treatment and some steroids for her… Read More 5 Months Old