Ember went from walking to full on adventuring. She loves to walk everywhere now! We had a chance to take her to the Creative Discovery Museum recently and although she didn’t love the Daniel Tiger exhibit as much as I did, we had fun! We also got a chance to have some family photos taken… Read More Motoring


Ember has spent the past two weeks working on her walking and is doing great. She will stand up and walk 10 ore more steps at once without crashing to the ground and LOVES to walk holding one of your fingers. This is the photo from two weeks ago when she took her first unassisted… Read More Adventures

Busy Busy

This week I started working as the Accounting Coordinator at Ember’s school and it’s going to be fantastic! She’s recently been very clingy with me and gets super cranky if I leave her, so although I’m in the same building, I haven’t been going by her room to visit much (plus I’m crazy busy!) to… Read More Busy Busy

13 Months?

Although I don’t plan to keep this blog updated as often as during her first year, we’ve had a busy few weeks since Ember turned one! Most recently, Kevin and I went out of town for a weekend – my first trip away from Ember overnight! We had a great time and so did she.… Read More 13 Months?

1st Birthday

Ember had a quiet birthday on Thursday with a celebration at school and a small cake with Gigi, mom, and dad. She’s her mom’s baby, alright. We love those salty snacks (see the Cheeto?). At school, she wasn’t a fan of the Krispy Kreme donuts we brought to share with friends. At home, she wasn’t… Read More 1st Birthday


Ember is ON the move! She’s pulling up on everything she can find and creeping from place to place. She crawls all the time and continues to be the happiest baby in town! We spent most of the weekend settling into the new house, which also included a trip to Target where she FINALLY enjoyed… Read More Easter